• FEM Finite element analysis
  • CFD Computational fluid dynamics
  • Xflow Computational fluid dynamics
  • CEM Computational Electro Magnetics
  • MBD Multibody dynamics
  • MDO Multidisciplinary Design Optimization




    HONDA R&D has been using ESI’s Virtual Performance Solution for over 20 years. Today, we are leveraging the capacities of Virtual Performance Solution’s single-core model on a full car for our latest vehicle platform development. The consistent chaining of virtual manufacturing results and virtual performance — not only for crash and safety domains but also for NVH and durability — is a definite technological breakthrough. Virtual Performance Solution enables us to ensure the right levels of product performance for lightweight design, and to face challenges related to evolving regulations.

Mr. Eisei Higuchi, Chief Engineer, HONDA R&D Co. Ltd

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